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You are welcome to wear what you feel comfortable in. It is typical that the ladies wear nice slacks/skirts and a top or a dress. There will always be people who dress up because now-a-days there aren't too many places where you can do we like to offer the opportunity for the ladies, and there will always be people who live in their jeans. When you come to the parties you will see a variety. Men often wear khaki pants and a polo or dress shirt.

Classes, Lessons, and Practice

Again, you are more than welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable in, with a certain degree of modesty. However, people tend to dance better if they are wearing something that lends itself to dancing. Jeans tend to get rather hot and are restrictive of movement...however, if you are comfortable in them...wear them. If you are taking private lessons the following guidelines are helpful, but certainly not required.

Latin Dancing

For Latin Dancing, a skirt and top or dress is nice...however, if you wear something that twirls...remember to wear something underneath for modesty sake. Bloomers or workout shorts can be purchased at athletic stores. Also ballet stores usually carry bloomers/dance pants. If you are taking private lessons it is especially important for the instructor to be able to see how your legs a loose skirt above the knee is preferable. For the gentlemen...casual, "khaki-type" pants are usually comfortable. If you decide to compete or become more serious about your dancing, Latin dance pants can be purchased at some of the links provided below.

Standard/Smooth Dancing

For Standard/Smooth Dancing, ladies, it is appropriate to wear either slacks or a long skirt that allows LOTS of movement. The skirt should not be tight and restrictive of movement. The idea is: the fuller the skirt the better. It is difficult for the man to be able to dance correctly if you skirt stops movement due to tightness or if it is short and has no "give" to it. Practice clothing can be purchased at some of the links below. Or you can get an idea of what is appropriate and go shopping!

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