Advanced Cha Cha Dance Routine - Spring 2011

  1. New York with Return
  2. Continuous Lock Steps into New York with return (lady's hip movement)
  3. New York to time steps
  4. Basic into Cross-body lead ending in fan position
  5. Alemana ending
  6. Cuban Breaks (2x)
  7. New York, Ronde, foot change
  8. ChaCha in place and ball change
  9. Back rock (men) into continuous lock steps with lady's spiral
  10. Basic into underarm Turn
  11. Chase (with styling)
  12. Turkish Towel
  13. Three cha-chas (to the side)
  14. Turning Cuban Breaks (syncopated NYs)
  15. Underarm Turn
  16. "Natural Top"
  17. Natural Opening Out movement
  18. Lady's breaks (emphasizing hip action)
  19. Hip Twist
  20. Run-away hip twist with ronde for lady
  21. Free spin for lady
  22. Underarm Turn to right

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