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Rebekah's Tips on Buying Dance Shoes

Dance Shoes

Ballroom dance shoes are a specialty item and as such tend to be pretty pricey. However, they are valuable investment and you can really tell a different in how you will be able to move across the floor once you have made the purchase. At the page bottom are some links that have some of the higher-end dance shoes as well as less expensive shoes.

Womens' Dance Shoes

For the ladies there are generally two types of shoes: Open-toed sandals and Closed-toed shoes. The open-toed sandals are intended for the Latin dances and the closed-toed shoes are for the standard and smooth dances. If you compete or are a serious dancer it is necessary for you to get both kinds. However, for the beginner and social dancers whatever you feel most comfortable in. Both kinds have positives and negatives. In my opinion, open-toed are more comfortable from the "foot-swelling" scenario; however, when your toes get stepped on and can hurt very badly. From this perspective I prefer to wear closed-toed shoes. Also remember, the higher the heel...the less comfortable and the more work you will have to spend on your balance. You can always start with a lower heel and "work your way up."

Ladies if you are "just checking this dancing thing out" and don't want to spend $140 on a pair of dance can always purchase a pair of character shoes (basically tap shoes without the taps) at a local ballet store for a reasonable price until you decide if you want to make a greater investment.

Heel protectors: Ladies, it is common and recommended to wear "heel protectors" on your shoes. Ladies heels can scrape up the dance floor and other peoples feet. In fact, if you are dancing correctly for the standard/smooth dances your heels should wear down as your push from your heel. Heel protectors are inexpensive plastic covers your slip over your heel that you can change when they wear down instead of having to replace your actual dance shoe heels. They can be purchased at some of the links below. Be sure to order heel covers that are the same size as your heels.

Mens' Dance Shoes

For the men there are also two general types of shoes: Latin and standard/smooth shoes. The Latin shoes traditionally have a Cuban heel on them, which means a heel height of 1.5 or 2 inches. The smooth shoes have a normal dress heel height. It is recommended that as a starter shoe you purchase standard/smooth shoes. You can dance Latin in smooth shoes...but it is VERY difficult to dance smooth in Latin shoes.

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