Intermediate Bolero Dance Routine with Rebekah

  1. Three Forward Walks (starting with right foot, SQQ, SQQ, SQQ)
  2. Man does a back rock and turns lady (fourth SQQ)
  3. Circling Walks (back for man on left foot, forward for lady) - SQQ, SQQ, SQQ
  4. Lady's turn (SQQ - turn lady beginning on "slow")
  5. Basic (SQQ)
  6. Open Check (SQQ)
  7. Overturned, Cross Body Lead (with hand change) 2x with side lunge on QQ and UAT (outside turn) with hip bump
  8. Basic (SQQ)
  9. Spiral, Ronde, Pass behind the back into fencing line (with optional lady's inside turn)
  10. Basic (SQQ)
  11. Spot turn for man and lady (maintaining hand connection)
  12. Hand change into open break into fan with lady's swivel and lady's turn
  13. Cross-over break, back rock, cross-over (aka - butterfly)
  14. Side rocks (SQQ)
  15. Cross-body lead with two hand position
  16. Open break into lambada roll
  17. Two side rocks (SQQ, SQQ)
  18. ½ cross body lead with lady ending open beside man
  19. Lady's turn into lean
  20. Turn lady out for bow and curtsy
  21. THE END

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